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Ellis Lopes Dance Studio

A new and modernized dance studio equipped with sound, lighting, support dance beams and more. The Ellis Lopes dance studio is open for public bookings but is also the perfect spot for our youngsters to perfect their arts. From ballet to inspirational dance to modeling and more. Our studio is full stocked with everything you need to bring out the artist in you.

Food with Hearts

The Food with heart programme is an initiative by Boombastic and other community partners to make healthy delicious meals available to teens and young adults during weekdays.

Over the years we have experienced many families on the island that live day to day, or many single parents stuck in the rush hour not being able to prepare a warm meal. Because of the various programs many can have a warm meal or breakfast. What about those that are not in a program? Or cannot afford to purchase one. We do as well realize that these meals provided by the various programs are the only meal these many receive for the day. 

Food with Heart offers daily a hot and fresh lunch from community food donations by our team of volunteers and staff. We welcome the community in an atmosphere of hospitality, comfort and support. By sharing a warm lunch five days a week, we create community togetherness. 

The reality of this impact relies on the generosity of our volunteers and donors. Without them, it would be impossible.

In the morning deli-style breakfasts complimented by teen’s creative twists on local and international breakfast options will be made available. This structure will continue into the afternoon with our lunch programme where we make a free or discounted lunch available for 100 teens and young adults per day. 

At Boombastic hospitality students are supported by local and regional experts in taking their culinary and customer services to the next level. Both programmes are made possible in collaboration with the GVP school’s 4th & 5th year hospitality students and with the partnership with the OLE.