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Welcome to Boombastic!

At Boombastic teens and young adults can explore and improve their creative and entrepreneurial interests in a safe and structured environment with the necessary equipment and professional support to grow and continue to reach their full potential. 

Youth engagement reveals purpose. Youth engagement transforms communities. Youth engagement links our history and our destiny. Youth engagement saves lives. The Mega D Youth Foundation (MYF) shows its unwavering dedication to youth success with its latest endeavour – Boombastic. Boombastic is an edutainment centre where teens and young people learn skills, develop social competencies, and discover their (entrepreneurial) drive.

Boombastic experience

Dance & performing art studio

Eden’s secret

Barber shop & beauty salon

Food with hearts

The Boombox

The walkway

Elderly support

Happy Pizza Grill

Statia’s Youth platform

Boombastic is proud to provide support to a key partnership supporting youth development on Sint Eustatius. Statia’s Youth platform consists of:

(1)   New Challenge Foundation

(2)   The Mega D Youth Foundation

(3)   The Gwendoline Van Putten school

(4)   The Social affairs department of the Public Entity of Sint Eustatius (OLE) 

These partners have a long history of supporting the development of teens and young adults on the island of Sint Eustatius and look forward to continuing to do so in the future. A joint approach is key to achieving our ultimate goal: youth empowerment! Boombastic serves these organisations as a work-learning-centre Boombastic. Through the Young Entrepreneurs & Ambassadors programme (the YEA programme).

Up and coming events

Boombastic’s mission

Our Edu-Tainment program takes a radically different approach to youth entrepreneurship because we work to offer the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow engaging experiences that will shape them into purpose-driven, self-secured, and adaptable professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Boombastic approach

Our creative centre partners with organisers, stakeholders, business owners, government bodies, and other community members to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Boombastic is focused on community change and turning young people’s passions into action and meaningful change. That is the core purpose of our work for the island of Statia. Boombastic is an environment of self-discovery & self-development. We support young entrepreneurs as they look deep within themselves to achieve the “impossible”. At Boombastic we believe that the impossible becomes possible, when there are people that believe in one another. 

From networking to relaxation

Boombastic offers a relaxing, climate-controlled space for individuals to transition from work, to socialising to relaxation. Water installations, soft lighting, natural fixtures, and mood-lifting music all work together to create a peaceful and welcoming environment.

Co-working space

Coworking spaces are a great way for businesses and individuals to share ideas, strategies, and business advice. Located right at the centre of Statia’s town road, with its own indoor café, Boombastic offers an excellent working space for solo or group work.

Statian pride and identity

Boombastic pays homage to Statia and to the generations of artists and creatives whose shoulders we stand on. From the walk of fame showcasing names of local icons like Christine Flanders, to the cafeteria which honours their work with uniquely named dishes like a Carnival wrap and Festival sub. Boombastic celebrates their legacy and continues the work of carrying on our cultural heritage.

Social activities

The indoor and outdoor facilities at Boombastic can comfortably accommodate different groups during parallel activities. The venue is suitable for groups discussions, interactive activities, presentation-style meetings and more. Boombastic is an invitation to thinkers and creatives who need and benefit from peaceful and beautiful spaces to create and innovate.


A culture café and performing art centre for individuals aged 15+ with a focus on developing entrepreneurial skills in the field of performing and culinary arts and cosmetology.

  • Squads (activities offered to teens and young adults according to an activity schedule).
  • Young Entrepreneurs’ programme is available to young people who show exceptional talent in disciples offered by Boombastic.

Ellis Lopes Dance Studio

A new and modernized dance studio equipped with sound, lighting, support dance beams and more. The Ellis Lopes dance studio is open for public bookings but is also the perfect spot for our youngsters to perfect their arts. From ballet to inspirational dance to modeling and more. Our studio is full stocked with everything you need to bring out the artist in you.

Eden’s Secret

As the name states Eden’s Secret is all about bringing you to the most relaxing state all while being pampered. With the intent of being run by teens you will experience first hand professional spa treatment whether you’re having an outdoor zen massage or the soft pedicure/manicure touch.

Barber shop & beauty salon

The Boombastic cosmetology studio offers young entrepreneurs a safe environment to practise essential skills related to the discipline under the guidance of trained practitioners active on the island.

Afro-hair styling services and barber services. (styling, washing, creating ambiance).

The studio is stocked with all relevant instruments to safely offer hair care support.

Food with Hearts

The Food with heart programme is an initiative by Boombastic and other community partners to make healthy delicious meals available to teens and young adults during weekdays.

Over the years we have experienced many families on the island that live day to day, or many single parents stuck in the rush hour not being able to prepare a warm meal. Because of the various programs many can have a warm meal or breakfast. What about those that are not in a program? Or cannot afford to purchase one. We do as well realize that these meals provided by the various programs are the only meal these many receive for the day. 

Food with Heart offers daily a hot and fresh lunch from community food donations by our team of volunteers and staff. We welcome the community in an atmosphere of hospitality, comfort and support. By sharing a warm lunch five days a week, we create community togetherness. 

The reality of this impact relies on the generosity of our volunteers and donors. Without them, it would be impossible.

In the morning deli-style breakfasts complimented by teen’s creative twists on local and international breakfast options will be made available. This structure will continue into the afternoon with our lunch programme where we make a free or discounted lunch available for 100 teens and young adults per day. 

At Boombastic hospitality students are supported by local and regional experts in taking their culinary and customer services to the next level. Both programmes are made possible in collaboration with the GVP school’s 4th & 5th year hospitality students and with the partnership with the OLE.

The Boombox

The Boombastic recording and media studios each offer young entrepreneurs a safe environment to practise essential skills related to the discipline under the guidance of trained practitioners active on the island.

I care Elderly Support

On an island in which many seniors face challenges that make it difficult to flourish, for seniors these unique challenges often take the form of physical and mental health issues, not knowing how you or your loved one will continue their day- to – day activities can cause stress. 

Due to unique challenges seniors may have trouble adjusting to the modern life change of technology which has rapidly taken over the world. 

We are passionately pursuing a world in which all seniors and their loved ones can enjoy more quality time and peace of mind. 

Here is why we believe our customer service and information Help desk can be a major support In guiding our young people. Our training will focus on professional customer service which will have our youngsters ready and able and provide assistance in the areas needed. 

Our skilled volunteers promote safety and provide friendly interactions by visiting seniors’ homes to perform simple home repairs, provide transportation, getting the seniors to the grocery store, Bank, Eutel, Stuco or to visit a family member or even a friend. Seeing how rapidly technology has grown, seniors may just not have been prepared and will need assistance in the new modern day tech world, downloading an app to the phone or installing a drive on the computer. Even read, write, or print a simple letter. 

Edu-tainment café / Happy Pizza & Grill

coming soon

The YEA-programme is youth-lead, and we want to keep it that way. From high school students, to interns, to early-career professionals, Boombastic finds a place for youth to take pride in themselves and in the quality of service they can give to others. Boombastic is working to support the holistic development of Statia’s youth. Through this partnership Boombastic supports:

  • Helping teens and young adults prepare to develop a unique and personally filling career path.
  • A place within the community to connect with and through which to share their talents.
  • Strengthening the islands resilience by offering safe facilities for social programming.

Boombastic offers these organisations safe, clean, equipped and centrally located spaces to offer engaging activities to youth. These activities are offered to teens and young adults via groups called Squads. There are squads related to: dance & performing arts, music and media, cosmetology, hospitality & customer service, and culinary art. Squad activities are offered as part of a quarterly programme overview that youth can sign up for on a first-come, first-served basis.

Partners offer their expertise and support in selecting and supporting the teens in the YEA-programme. These youth are already part of their shared network and likely registered at activities we offer. By working together, we can identify applicants likely to benefit most from the YEA programme. Some partnerships on the platform have made Boombastic’s breakfast programme possible, while others allow us to put youth in front of experts in career development and entrepreneurship.